Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre

Facility Overview

The Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre (IFCC) is a multi-user GMO and, BSL2 approved cytometry facility. The mission of IFCC is to provided investigators access to well-maintained instrumentation and human domain expertise for successful research outcomes. The IFCC gratefully acknowledges the following funding sources for equipment acquisitions: Dr Iain Fraser, University of Aberdeen, Saving Sight for Grampian, SULSA, Friends of Anchor, and The Gordon and Emily Baxter Foundation.

Services: The Facility operates on a fee-for-use basis following university recharge policies. Access to the IFCC facility is provided to University of Aberdeen faculty and staff, external academics and for-profit companies through fee-for-service, project basis, partnerships and collaboration. Contact the IFCC at cytometry@abdn.ac.uk to discuss rates and project scope. 

iLab Account Registration: Click on the Registration button located on the top right of this page (or click here) and follow the instructions (here). Request for training and services will only be possible once you have an iLab account and can log into the IFCC iLab site.  iLab provides 24/7 support and if you have any issues with your account contact them by e-mail:ilab-support@agilent.com.

Training: Face to face training has resumed. Due to room occupancy, only one person can be trained at any time.  New users are given access to online training resources, which will enable them to commence their training even while working remotely.  

1. Register for an iLab account- you only need to fill in the * sections. 

2. Submit a Profile Registration request through iLab (Training and Instrument Access). This will trigger training and service meeting to schedule your bespoke support. 

3. Hands-on instrument training competency evaluation (pdf)


Internal SharePoint: Navigate to SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and go to Iain Fraser Cytometry Resources


Returning to work?  

Sign the first page and return to the core at cytometry@abdn.ac.uk SOP for Resumption of work at the IFCC.


Stay update by periodically reviewing the University of Aberdeen Covid-19 FAQs and Updates.


Remote Support via Phone and Virtual Face to Face support for the IFCC user community: Anyone needing advice and support with questions, planning for future projects requiring access to IFCC facilities etc is encouraged to contact us.

Instruments: BD LSR Fortessa, BD LSR-II, Attune NxT, Dual Camera Amnis ImageStream MKII, BD Influx, BioPlex 200, and bespoke data analysis software, Biosafety cabinet, fume cupboard, Thermo Scientific™ Megafuge 16R- FACS Tubes, 96 well plates, 15 and 50 ml tubes, eppendorf tube centrifuge, magnetic plate holder, shaker, inverted phase contrast microscope. 


Core Staff Hours

Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.


Links and Resources

Lab Simulations

Task 1. Routine cleaning schedule

Cell Sorting  


BD Instruments

Attune NXT 

BioPlex 200

 Amnis MKII ImageStream

Educational Videos





Acknowledge Policy

If you've used our Facility, please recognise and acknowledge it in your work. Although you pay to use the Facility, the full cost of any scientific core facility is not passed on to the end-user, and Core facility personnel are scientists. Acknowledging IFCC in your papers, posters and talks you will help to ensure we continue to receive faculty subsidy and continue to offer excellent access rates.

Authorship Guidelines: Refer to the Royal Microscopical Society guidelinesABRF authorship guidelines and CRediT (Contributor Roles Taxonomy)

  1. In a publication includes data (main figures or supplemental) generated within the IFCC, state: “We acknowledge the Iain Fraser Cytometry Center for assistance with the generation of Cytometry data”. 
  2. If an IFCC member worked closely with you on a project, you should acknowledge this. It is good practice to include their name in the acknowledgement section at least.
  3. In situations where intellectual input is given beyond basic training, you can offer staff as a co-authorship. This is a particularly important consideration as a project evolves and our resource staff are asked to contribute knowledge that makes a publication possible or enhances its value (novel resource laboratory work and insight, experiment design, preparation, data production & analysis). This should be discussed at the earliest opportunity.
  4. You can use our logo in a talk or a poster for a conference. This is intended to be for acknowledgement purposes.
  5. A bespoke Grant Support Letter can be provided. Please contact Dr Holme.

Leadership and Core Staff

Prof Paul Fowler
Director of IMS

Dr Andrea L. Holme
Head of Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre/ Principle Investigator

Linda Duncan
Senior Application Technologist  (currently on furlough)

Ailsa Laird
Application Technician

Kate Burgoyne
Application Technician (on rotation between Aberdeen Proteomics and Iain Fraser Cytometry)

The IFCC staff are active members of the Scottish Cytometry Society (SSC), the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), FlowUK (Royal Microscopy Society), Core Technologies for Life Sciences (CTLS)




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Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre
University of Aberdeen

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Available Equipment and Resources

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